TimeWorks Plus

TimeWorksPlus delivers the latest in cloud-based punch and time card services supporting intelligent clock features and a wide range of clocks. Track and manage punches, time cards, time-off requests, and accruals. Seamlessly integrates with payroll services.

TimeWorksPlus Clock Support

  • TimeWorksTouch - Touch-screen clock with fingerprint reader and interactive employee prompts
  • Web-based Clocks - Embedded time clocks in employee portals, web pages, and HCM applications
  • Mobile - Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Hardware Clocks - Multiple other clocks with authentication via PIN, proximity, magnetic, or hand readers
  • Cloud-based Timekeeping Service
TimeWorks Plus demo on laptop

Cloud-based Timekeeping Service

Intelligent Clock Features

Employee state awareness eliminates duplicate and missed punches while tracking meals and breaks

Clock Lock-out

Prevent early punches with schedule enforcement

Flexible Configuration

Customized pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements, and accrual application

Employee Self-service

Employee portal for time-off requests, time card approvals, and review of schedules and PTO balances


Payroll Integration

Auto-sync timekeeping and payroll systems and significantly reduce processing time

Reports and Audit Data

Insight and tools for absence and overtime management, leave planning, and compliance

Subscription Service

One service provides you with everything needed for interactive and automated workforce management




Desktop and mobile compatible for phone, tablet, and desktop

Time and Attendance

Simplify time tracking and spend less time processing payroll.

Workforce Management

TimeWorks Mobile will give your employees complete freedom to punch and manage time from wherever they are while providing supervisors perfect visibility.

Balances and Accruals

Automate the tracking of PTO accruals easily.

Workforce Performance

The dashboard provides real-time insight into timekeeping, attendance and scheduling.

Absence Management

Utilize employees' attendance history to identify trends, set notification, automate time-off, and more.

TimeWorksPlus Mobile Demo

TimeWorksPlus Product Demo


Cloud-based time and attendance software with advanced features, flexible configuration and support for a wide range of hardware clocks and intelligent web-based software clocks.

A unified employee portal with access to payroll, time, HR, and more in a single discounted offering. Includes TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity.