Client FAQs

Client FAQs

Not at all. Even though many of our clients choose for us to handle both their timekeeping and payroll, you are not required to hire us to do your payroll.
No, we do not require any long-term contract. We have a 30 days notice policy so if you would like to terminate your services, you just have to provide us with a written notice 30 days prior to your desired termination date.
Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals are available to answer your questions Monday through Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8am-12pm. You can reach us at (540) 932-8560 or email us at
You can reach our Payroll Department using the email or call (540) 932-8560 ext 603.  We are always happy to help!
Absolutely. You can still mail your tax information to:
Business Financials
2353 Jefferson Hwy
Waynesboro, VA 22980
We accept cash, check, money orders, or credit card payments. We are happy to offer convenient online credit card payments as well. Click HERE to pay online.
Yes. Business Financials has moved to a new permanent office at 2353 Jefferson Hwy Waynesboro, VA 22980. You can CLICK HERE to get directions from Google Maps.

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service allows for employees to gain access to their paystubs, W-2s, and any other documents your employers would like you to have as well. These files are available to you 24/7 and are completely online so you can access them, print them, and download them at any time.  Click here to download and/or print instructions.
Click on this LINK and enter your login information. Your login information should have been provided to you by your employer. If you do not have your login, you can select the Forgot Password link at the bottom, enter the email address that you provided to your employer when you first were onboarded, and you will receive an email to reset your password. Click here are instructions for you to download.

ApplicantStack FAQs

Yes. ApplicantStack is a cloud-based system so you can log in from anywhere and at any time.
Yes. Applicants can apply for your job postings from anywhere. This process is already set up. For candidates who call and want to apply over the phone, the simplest way to provide the application is to use the Create Inquiry function which will send the application to your caller via email. This option is found on the Home tab.
If interviews are being conducted over the phone, you’ll want to send information to the candidate via email. This can be done from within ApplicantStack so you keep trail of documentation. You can also create questionnaires with interview questions to be emailed to a candidate.
Onboarding forms can be completed remotely using the ApplicantStack Onboarding account. The Onboarding account provides the ability to assign forms and tasks to new hires. The new hire will have their own portal access and will be able to login and complete your onboarding forms.

TimeWorks Plus FAQs

You can download the TimeWorks Plus app easily using the App Store for Apple products or Google Play for Android products. TimeWorks Plus is available on the App StoreTimeWorks Plus is available on the Google Play Store

Time Clocks FAQs

The Z14 and the Z34 are being replaced by Punch. Punch offers the same features and functionality of both the Z14 and the Z34, available in a model that supports print and proximity cards, and another that supports a swipe card.
Our new clocks can store up to 6,000 unique fingerprints.
Our new Touch is replacing TimeWorksTouch. Touch includes a faster processor and updated fingerprint scanning technology that makes this a faster and more reliable option for a biometric clock. Touch includes a touch screen and biometric fingerprint scanner for fast, unique authentication. Touch also supports proximity badges/cards as an alternative authentication option.
Vision and the Vision+Thermal are both based on exactly the same clock hardware. The only difference is that the Vision+Thermal includes a secondary thermal module that reads human temperature. The thermal module is physically connected to the clock hardware and simply adds the thermal capability to the Vision clock.
Our new Touch will automatically find and store fingerprint information from your existing TimeWorksTouch clocks once you sync prints in the settings. If you are adding a new Punch to a network that has the Z33/Z34, you will need to manually add fingerprints to the new clock.
No. When you add our Intelligent Clocks to a network of clocks without Intelligent features, the Intelligent features will not work. Intelligent Clocks include Touch, Vision, and Vision+Thermal. If you have a network of Z33 clocks, you should either replace all clocks or add only the new Punch.
No. Vision and Vision+Thermal come pre-configured without or with the thermal scanner, respectively. If you plan to use thermal capability at any point in the future, we strongly recommend purchasing Vision+Thermal.