Changes in the Tax World

We want our clients to know that there have been changes in taxes…

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is now law.

The House and Senate approved the bill on Dec. 19. It passed 227-203 in the House with no Democratic votes and 12 Republican “no” votes. The Senate then passed the bill 51-48 along strict party lines, with one Republican senator, John McCain, not voting.

Because of minor changes in the bill made by the Senate, the House was required to pass the bill again before sending it to the president. The House gave final approval on Dec. 20 by a 224 to 201 vote. Again, the bill received no Democratic support and was opposed by 12 Republicans. President Donald Trump signed it on Dec. 22.

Click here for the comparisons of some of the major provisions of the new law with the previous tax code.

A Guide to the Tax Changes

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