10 Reasons Your Business Needs Automated Timekeeping

As an owner and manager, it's your goal to maximize your workforce, save money, and increase profitability. Using automated time and attendance tracking provides advantages every business owner could use.

Here are 10 reasons your business needs automated timekeeping:

  1. Automated Data Collection
    Automated Timekeeping collects your employee’s timesheet data automatically, so you don't need to run from office to office to collect timecards or wait for days for someone to send theirs in. No more entering all that data manually anymore either!
  2. Eliminate Buddy Punching Forever
    Automated Timekeeping works with biometric clocks. Biometric clocks assure that your employees are clocking in and out in person and in the location, they should be. Time theft and accidental punching are large expenses for even the smallest companies.
  3. Simplified Payroll
    Integrated payroll means simplified processing and a lot of time saved. Automated Timekeeping allows you to export payroll-ready time and attendance data for a quick import and review. No manual input. No mistakes. No late nights. No worries.
  4. Reduce Unplanned Overtime
    Automated Timekeeping uses intelligent clocks that help you reduce unplanned overtime by not allowing early and late punches. You can also have it notify you when an employee is close to overtime.
  5. GPS Time Tracking
    Ever wonder if your employee is at the job site? GPS time tracking can help assure that your employees are on-site and where they need to be. GPS restrictions can help reduce fraud and assures you have a reliable record of employee time on the job by setting perimeters where they can clock in and/or out.
  6. Real-Time Reports
    With Automated Timekeeping, you have real-time reports of your employees’ time and attendance. Even better, your employees have this information too, so everyone is on the same page.
  7. Employee Self Service
    Employee self-service allows employees to access their personal records. Everything from the current timesheets to their accrual of PTO. Employees can get the answers they need in a secure login environment. That means you spend less time tracking down data for employee requests. Employees are more empowered and engaged.
  8. Mobile Access
    Mobile access means you can check reports from anywhere. Employees can, too. Timesheets can be submitted from the road, and managers can review and approve timesheets. All from a mobile phone. Pretty convenient!
  9. Automated Cloud-based Updates
    The last thing you need to worry about as a business owner is whether your software is up to date. Automated Timekeeping is cloud-based so you don’t have to worry about loading software or installing updates. It also eliminates the worry about new laws or compliance issues because your software is always up to date.
  10. Affordability
    The best part, Automated Timekeeping is affordable! It practically pays for itself by reducing accidental overtime, early clock-ins, and buddy punching!

Business Financials can quickly and painlessly set you up with automated timekeeping so you can start focusing on your business and not timekeeping.  

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